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Mark - Week 3

This podcast looks at Jesus's teaching on the Kingdom of God in the Gospel of Mark.

Mark - Week 2

This podcast looks at the Authority of Jesus found in Mark 1:16-3:6.

Mark - Week 1

This podcast looks at the introduction to the Good News of Jesus, the anointed King, the Son of God.

This episode considers what it means to lament.

This message looks at grief and how people often handle it.   Check-out our podcast website at

Week 8 of Leviticus

This message looks at how Leviticus pointed towards YHWH and how today we need to walk out our commitment every day of making Jesus Lord.  

Week 6 of Leviticus

This message looks at the vision of sexual purity for the community of God and the vision of pure justice for the community of God. 

Week 5 of Leviticus

In this message we look at how we are what we eat, that we are called to Be Holy because God is Holy, and why we are to value life.

Week 4 of Leviticus

This messages looks at how God doesn’t want you to delegate your responsibility as His priest, God anoints you for service, and how God has specific ways for ministering that we ...

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